Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Japanese Falafel #FFFMysteryBox

You ever wondered what you would make if you were on chopped? Well we played a game of chopped and this was born. Japanese Falafel, all the things you love about falafel but with all Japanese flavors!

You ever watch that show Chopped on Food Network?? We we decided to do the same thing as a group of food bloggers. The premise is you get three ingredients (that could be completely unrelated) and you need to use them all in a dish. So we changed it a little bit. The three ingredients needs to be non perishable, since we needed to mail them.

Check out the bottom of this post for more FFF Mystery Box Recipes!

I was super thrilled to play along... Then I got my box! 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Book Review and Giveaway: The Beer Wench's Guide to Beer, AnUnpretentious Guide to Craft Beer

If you are a craft beer lover, you will love The Beer Wench's Guide to Beer, it's keeps the fun in craft beer and breaks down all you need to know about beer in a totally approachable way! I will be giving away 2 copies, so read on to enter!

I have been virtual friends with Ashley Routson aka "The Beer Wench" for a couple years now. We haven't met in person just yet (it may cause a sexy craft beer supernova when we meet). West Coast meets East Coast... it's bound to happen. We are kindred spirits.

Aviators glasses wearing, funky colored hair, opinionated, aggressive and FUN.

If you don't know who Ashley (The Beer Wench) is- well she is THE BIGGEST female personality in craft beer. She's written for basically ever craft beer publication, she's had a blog, she works in the craft beer industry (for Green Flash right now) and she is a self described "Craft Beer Evangelist".

She kicks ass... basically. So it's about time the girl had a book!

The Beer Wench's Guide to Beer, An Unpretentious Guide to Craft Beer is all it describes. Reading though this book it's like Ashley is talking to you herself. It's not all words like "mouthfeel" and "lacing" it's down to earth and totally fun (the girl loves a good pun, I do too).

As you guys know, I love me some craft beer. As you can imagine this ain't my first go at reading a book about craft beer. My first attempt at reading a craft beer book failed since it was sooooo BORING! The second wasn't so bad, but I feel like you needed a bit of a base knowledge to understand it. Ashley's book is for ANYONE, from the "Oh I just tried this beer called Sam Adam's Cherry Wheat" to the "This bottle of Raison D'Extra has been aged in my cellar for 3 years, but I think the 2 year old one is better".

What I like most is how she breaks up the information for each beer from the obvious info of smell and taste to "Drink Instead of" where she puts in other spirits and wines with similar flavor profiles. You also get a brief history lesson of each beer style and even suggested pairings.

About a third of the book goes into beer and food.... My favorite part. Let's face it, the wench also knows how to eat!! So do I...  One of my favorite parts of the book....

You can find my recipe on pages 214-215.... OMG! 
I was SUPER psyched to be a part of her book. Since I started loving craft beer I've really looked up to Ashley. She has made a career out of her love for beer and I hope to do the same.

So if you love beer, food and a fun read you MUST have this book.

Well I am giving away 2 copies!! Sign up below to WIN your own copy!

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Notorious BLT- Guest Post by Nomageddon!

Sup Y’all?!  So it’s Matthew Cetta from guest posting for Sophia.  I volunteered to take over while she brings you a new and improved NY Foodgasm.

Now doing a post for Sophia requires getting in to her head a bit.  Sophia is an in your face person with over the top posts.  They usually involve beer and are pretty damn funny.  So my challenge was to create something funny and over the top so here it is:

[PLAY the video to get in the mood]

That’s right.  The Motherfucking Notorious BLT

What makes the BLT so notorious?  I’mma lay it out for you, yo. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Lemon Basil Olive Oil Cake- Guest Post from Hall Nesting

This lemon basil olive oil cake is perfect for spring and summer bursting with fresh lemon and basil, it tastes just like summer!

Hey yall I’m Lauren and I write the blog Hall Nesting. Obviously from the yall you can tell I am not from Sophia’s neck of the woods but am a true Georgia peach now living in the Heart of Dixie! I am so excited to be visiting as a guest at Sophia’s blog today. I write mainly about the food I love to cook for my family which is growing every day – we got my husband, 1 year old son, a little girl that will be here in 4 months, 3 dogs and a partridge and a pear tree basically!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

5 Reasons You're Not Achieving Your Goals & What You Can Do About it NOW!!

Today I bring you a guest post from Laura Allahverdi of Laura's Life & Biz Coaching. She's become a friend of mine since reaching out to me when I lamented about not making money from my blog. Well in just a few messages this woman turned me from I can't to I CAN! She amazed me with how she was able to get to the heart of the issue so quickly. 

If you have never heard of life coaching, it is like therapy, but more goal oriented. This person will guide you and help motivate you and even educate you on achieving your goals.

I have always intended this blog to be about more than food. Even though the title is NY Foodgasm, I believe NY Foodgasm is a brand based on living life loud! Well Laura helped me turn up the volume on my ambitions. Here is just a little taste of her expertise!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Alice in Wonderland Craft Beer Dinner @ Morisson's

Craft Beer Dinners have become very popular, but there are some that are so damn creative, they MUST be experienced! Alice in Wonderland theme- YES!

I was not late for this very important date! But I am pretty late posting about it!

So the story is it's 4/20 and my friend Shelby and I are talking (well really texting, no one talks anymore). She's planning this Alice and Wonderland theme dinner at her restaurant Morisson's. She says you should totally come down, Josh the chef says so... 

Well how can I say no? It's 4/20, its Alice and Wonderland and ummm beer!  Not just any beer- some local love for the guys at Port Jeff Brewing!

This was the perfect time for me to finally get down to one of her dinners. She always throws amazing theme beer dinners. If the beer and food are not treat enough, you also get to meet the chef and the brewers!

Upon walking in there are teapots with flowers and some antique mismatched tea cups. Sooo cute. Seriously Shelby, good fucking job! So much care went into every detail! When we sit down for the amuse bouche (fancy word for bite-sized appetizer) these two little cookies are waiting for me and say "eat me".

We're off to a good start!

But they are not just any boring cookie. They have herbs in them, a kind of nod to the 4/20 date and an obvious and adorable AIW reference! They were beautifully buttery and wonderfully herby!

Chapter 1- Tweedledum and Tweedledee Mushroom Staffed Ravioli and Ravioli Stuffed Mushroom

Beer: Port Jeff H3 Tripel

Food: Sorry this picture does this NO justice. That's what happens when I am WAY too excited to eat! I totally loved this concept! Ravioli stuffed mushroom, with creamy ricotta. It was sooo good and the mushroom stuffed ravioli may have been even better!

Beer: I looooove tripels, sweet and citrusy! This one by Port Jeff Brewing is a great example of this style. Pretty boozy, but goes down ever so smooth. Personally I wouldn't have paired this beer with this course but I think that beer pairings are more an art than science.

Chapter 2 The Garden of Live Flowers

Beer: Port Jeff Beach Wit

Food: I just LOVE how colorful this salad is! Look at all that!! PS- those are NOT orange tomatoes they're gooseberries! I never had the pleasure, but they were a most welcome addition. The honey lime champagne vinaigrette was really really good, BESTEST part FRIED GOAT CHEESE! OMG! I stole one more from some one's plate that never showed.


Beer: Beach Wit. This beer is very easy drinking. Not overly hoppy or malty. Not sweet or bitter just smooth. I see why they paired this with the salad. Since the goat cheese is so strong a flavor, they didn't want something that would overpower or even contribute. It's in the background and like the name suggests it's perfect to drink on the beach on a summer day!

Chapter 3- A Mad Tea Party

Beer: Port Jeff Mad Tea Schooner Ale

Food: A tea sandwich with BACON JAM and brie, apple and arugula. Basically this is EVERYTHING I love STUFFED into a sandwich! The bacon jam was amazeballs, everything I hoped and more.

Beer: Mad Tea Schooner Ale. THIS was a treat! The guys at Port Jeff made a special cask for this dinner. I mean how fucking cool is that for a beer nerd?! They took their schooner ale in a cask and added some Earl Grey Tea. It was not as tea-riffic as I thought. The tea was in the background, bit you could tell it was there.

Chapter 4- Pig + Pepper 

Beer: Port Jeff Dry Hopped Party Boat

Food: The Pork was perfectly cooked and rubbed in chili. Not as spicy as I would have thought. The smoked pepper and goji gastrique was a nice touch. I love a little sweet thrown into my savory meals!! The potatoes were a nice little side nosh and the orchid made me happy.

My favorite color!

Beer: Dry Hopped Party Boat. This may be the best IPA brewed out of long island. It is your classic IPA. Now THIS is something I would be drinking on a party boat. As for the pairing, I see that they are trying to play off some of the spicy notes here and maybe go against all the sweet in the gastrique. Not really a perfect pairing but an excellent beer and I would drink it anytime.

Chapter 5- Who Stole the Tarts?

Beer: Port Jeff Overboard Russian Imperial Stout

Food: This is one seriously fudge-packing brownie.... I mean that is the BEST way. Allll the fudginess exploded into my mouth. If that were NOT enough, it was topped with POP TART ICE CREAM! Is there such a thing?! Yes NOW there is!! The Chef at Morisson's finished REALLY strong with this one.

Plus they didn't know this, but my FAVORITE dessert is a warm brownie with ice cream. I mean the contrast of warm and cold, fudgy and creamy, Chocolate with berries. A definite FOODGASM!

Beer: Overboard Stout. This is one pairing that cannot be denied- BEST pairing of the night! This beer on it's own is just super impressive. I had to just have a sip of someone else's and couldn't finish any of my beers that night. I had to drive home. This beer is damn high in alcohol, sweet and has a rich chocolate and espresso finish.

In true NY Foodgasm tradition, I think the beer needs to be IN the brownie!


When all is said and done, even if the food wasn't the best, this dinner would be a good value for the price. All these courses and a beer to go with it!!

 But the food is of high quality and executed with great care! The chef was very creative in the concept of all these dishes. I was really impressed with the creativity of execution and how it tied in with the AIW theme.

I got to FINALLY meet the brewer and owner of Port Jeff!! We shared some good laughs and good fucking beer!

Shelby, the lovely hostess, drinking beer in the tea cup with her pinky up all classy and shit.

Everyone had a great time!

 Mostly Shelby...

It was sooooo much fun!!!
Stay tuned to what's going on at Morisson's and Jackson's... Beer Dinner and other Shannanigans are sure to come very soon!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mother's Day Beer Tasting!

I got my mom and mother in law to try my picks for 10 beers your mom will love. Their taste and their willingness to participate in this beer tasting surprised me and brought us closer together!

Watch the video HERE! It is soooo damn funny! Makes me laugh every time!