Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Roasted Vegetable Polenta Lasagna

A creative vegetarian twist on lasagna with freshly roasted eggplant and a simple homemade marinara.

If you follow me on Facebook you will know I asked what you guys wanted for a recipe this week and this dish won! Roasted Vegetable Polenta Lasagna, yeah it is as awesome as it sounds. You got your basic food groups: grains, veggies and cheeeeeeese! What would lasagna be without cheese? Why can't I quit you cheese?

THIS is why I run! Cheese and beer!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Summer Weight Loss- Week 13

You love food, that is why you are reading this website. Food is one of the things that brings you joy. To me food is definitely one of life's greatest pleasures! Funny enough, I became a lot more adventurous with it when I started my journey into healthier living. As much as I loved food, I was stuck in a box.

I only ate American, Italian and Greek Food. I knew what I knew and I ate in larger quantities. Food was great to me, but I didn't have much respect for it. I wanted lots of it and I wasn't that picky an eater.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Roasted Beet Salad with Valencia Orange Dressing

A salad that is bursting with fresh seasonal summer flavors, it's like summer exploded in your mouth!

You guys may have figured out by now, I love the color Magenta, it is my signature color! So how could I NOT love beets, they dye my hands and everything they touch magenta! YAY! Besides their awesome hue they're sugary sweet and good for me! I was inspired after going to a restaurant and ordering roasted beet salad, with orange vinaigrette and goat cheeese. I mean how awesome does that sound? Sweet salty, slightly acidic and creamy! WOAH! But when I got this salad for me, it totally fell flat. It was some roasted beets cubed and tossed with field greens and almost creamy orange dressing, that really didn't taste that orangy. Then there were no orange slices as garnish- FOR SHAME!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer Weight Loss- Week 12

This week's tip for the summer weight loss challenge- Be a portion pro! Eating in the proper portions is most of the battle when living a healthy lifestyle!

Eating healthy, nutritious foods is only part of the battle of the bulge. Knowing how much to eat is JUST as important or even more so! Knowing what a portion is really opened my eyes when I started my journey into a healthy lifestyle...

I literally filled a plate with pasta, that is totally just a serving, right?! WRONG! 1 cup of pasta is a serving. So still to this day I measure my pasta since I tend to be heavy handed with it! Same with rice, couscous, etc. A serving of meat, who knows what a serving a meat is... oh it must be that steak you gave me. WRONG! It's just 3 oz.! So same thing goes for meat I weigh it. Though now I have gotten good at eyeballing it. A serving of meat is the size of a deck of cards.

Here is a list of what portions look like...

I know it can totally be scary and the MOST annoying thing like EVER! Believe me I resisted weighing and measuring my food for a while, but that is why I did not see much success before. Once I started weighing and measuring my food it really gave me the momentum and the power to learn proper eating habits! Just do it, seriously! It make a BIG difference and it's not so bad. Also if your plate doesn't look like enough... add some veggies, you can NEVER go wrong adding more veggies!

To make measuring and weighing much less of a hassle, I hung my measuring cups and spoons in plain sight where I prepare my food. This made it a lot less of a pain in the ass!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Stout Marinated Steak with Russian Imperial Kick Ass Sauce

Steak just got kicked up 10 notches when it got stout marinated and slathered in this sweet and spicy Russian imperial kick ass sauce!

This week I am excited to team up with my friend Melissa, AKA Melba from Drunk & Unemployed (DnU). She’s a local beer and spirits blogger and I like to cook with said beer and spirits so it was written in the stars or rather, in this case, it was fermenting in the brite tanks. There are only a handful of chicks on the island that write about beer. She is ridiculously knowledgeable about beer and never gives herself enough credit for it. She has taught me a whole lot, has embraced me as part of the community and has always supported me. For this I am so appreciative and give her all my support right back. So please stop by her blog, say hey and read about some beer and spirits!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Summer Weight Loss Challenge- Week 11

This week's tip, You shall burn for your sins.... not in hell but with some exercise!

Sounds brutal right? Though you WILL NOT burn in hell though, not really. You're gonna burn them calories at the gym! To make up for some of those eating sins.

Here is how I used to handle eating badly: beat myself up for it, make myself feel like a horrible person, a failure etc.... Then I would eat MORE since I felt a failure to try and make myself feel better.


So here is how I deal now- I take action! I made some eating mistakes, okay that is life and I LOVVVVE food and beer. So I had tooooo much to drink and too much to eat. All I can do NOW about it is make better choices today and BURRRRRN some of those calories with some exercise. NOT as punishment, but to be good to my body and to make sure I can lessen or even negate the bad behavior I already had!

Case in point- I had one hell of a week. Good Beer (a beer and food event in NYC) on Thursday, Maroni's 16 course chef's tasting on Friday for my in-law's anniversary and a party on Saturday when battle ship beer pong was played.... (because if battleship beer pong IS a thing and I NEED to play it, even though I sucked miserably at it)

Yes lots of excessive eating a drinking and somehow I escaped a hangover both times... I try and tell people I don't drink a lot, but ummmmm people see this on social media and it just does NOT look good for my case.

I did not wanna run today- but I did- I ran and ran with some killer music for a mile and a half thinking about all the fun I had, but also about the scale that I have a date with Tuesday. Then I came home and dug up grass for the patio we're building for more exercise. So yes I am gonna burn for my sins in a good way.

Overall, as I explained it was a pretty epic week, a beer and food event, a chef's tasting, and a party with old friends and more good beer. If I do go up on the scale, I will own it because I had a GREAT time and that is really what life is about. Plus it's not usually so many food and beer events are in just one week!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Indian Spiced Kabobs

In the mood for Indian? These wonderfully spiced yogurt marinated kabobs are not only easy to prepare, but incredibly healthy and low in fat!

You may not know this, but I also LOVE Indian food. I used to eat Italian like alllll the time, 'til I met my husband and I really got adventurous with ethnic foods. He was unafraid, even since an infant of trying new things. Me- funny enough-- I was a pizza, pasta and hamburger girl. Yes I have changed quite A LOT over the years!

I discovered Indian and especially Chicken Tikka Masala- OMG- YUMMMM! Well if you do not know of the tikka I will explain- it's chicken marinated in a yogurt marinate and cooked and simmered into a sauce made with beautiful spices such as garam masala, heavy cream and tomato paste. It is heaven or hell depending how you look at it.

Heaven in your mouth, hell on the hips...